The unincorporated settlement of View is located in Taylor County, Texas, United States. It is about 13 miles southwest of Abilene, close to where U.S. Highway 277 and FM 1235 meet.   The neighborhood is located within the Abilene Metropolitan Statistical Area. View was first called Caps Sides, Texas. It was built across the railroad tracks because a real estate development company bet that the town would grow in the future. Caps, Texas, was already developed in the vicinity.

The origin of the term “view” is a somewhat elevated hilltop site. The town was incorporated in August 1910, with the train terminal being its first structure. In the same year, a post office was authorized, and other enterprises were started, including a lumber yard and a general shop. In its fourth year of existence, the community’s population reached 40 people. Before a bond issue made it possible to build a separate two-room schoolhouse, the same building served both as a church and a school.

The creators’ expectations for View did not materialize. People think that the fact that View is close to Abilene area and has a train station made it possible to build Camp Barkeley during World War II. View recorded seventy-one inhabitants in the late 1980s and seventy-five in the 1990 census. The Baptist Church, the Fire Department, and a gas station and grocery store are the only establishments besides dwellings. In the 1950s, View served as a passenger depot for a train that traveled south of Abilene. The Texas and Pacific railroad ran through the city and had a station there. View was practically in the center of Camp Barkeley while it was active if the town existed. The railroad was likely Barkeley’s primary supply route. Today, nothing remains on the train rails.

Valley View is a Dallas, Texas neighborhood with a population of 28,605. Valley View is in the county of Dallas. The majority of residents of Valley View rent their houses, giving the neighborhood an urban vibe. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Valley View. There are several families and young professionals in Valley View, and people are generally liberal. Valley View’s public schools are well regarded. View is rich with variety, safety, nightlife, and employment prospects. People are quite sociable. It’s a vibrant and fantastic venue for everyone. Also, the schools are excellent.

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