Snyder is a town and the county seat of Scurry County, Texas, in the United States. The city is in the lower part of the Southwestern Tablelands, which is a biological zone.

Snyder’s history stretches back to 1878 when a Pennsylvania-born buffalo hunter and trader named William Henry (Pete) Snyder established a trading post on the banks of Deep Creek. The post drew more hunters, and a colony of buffalo-hide homes formed in its vicinity. The early names for the town, “Hide Town” and “Robber’s Roost,” came from the way people lived and the sometimes suspicious nature of the people who lived there.

Snyder drew out a town plan and encouraged immigrants in 1882. This year, the first public school was built. When Scurry County was established in 1884, Snyder’s Town was selected as the county seat. Before oil was found in the Canyon Reef formation north of town in 1948, Snyder was a small town with farms and ranches. Within a year, the town’s population went from about 4,000 to over 12,000, and a tent and trailer city popped up on the northern edge. Late in 1951, the population settled at 11,000.

Scurry County became the top oil-producing county in Texas because people there came up with a way to pump carbon dioxide into the formation to improve pressure and yield. Additionally, ranching and cotton cultivation continued to employ a significant portion of the population.

Snyder, the county seat of Scurry County, is also known as the “Land of the White Buffalo.”  It is in West Texas, about 90 miles from Abilene, Texas, Midland, San Angelo, and Lubbock.  In the past, buffalo herds served as the city’s backdrop (hence the name), but these have been replaced by cotton fields in bloom, wind turbines, and countless breathtaking Texas sunsets.

The SnTx Industrial Park, Mrs. Kathy’s, Cogdell Memorial Hospital, Windmill Ranch Reserve, and the Ritz Theatre are must-sees in this area.  The outside of the Scurry County Coliseum, where local events are held, is made more interesting by a rebuilt old town and a train engine.

Snyder is a great place to raise a family as well as shop, relax, see the sights, eat, and have fun. The little town lifestyle is rather pleasant. Snyder is a charming community where residents are kind and helpful. The community is remarkable. You make a lot of new friends here.

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