The city of Selma is located in the Texas counties of Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe. In 1847, people from many European nations began to settle in Selma. Traditional German girls’ names include Selma. To manage travelers and cargo on the stagecoach line connecting San Antonio, TX to Austin, the Harrison and Brown stagecoach stop was established in Selma in 1849. After settling in Selma in 1852 with his wife Martha, John Harrison was appointed the town’s first postmaster in 1856, the year the post office initially opened. Additionally, Harrison shared ownership of the Harrison and McCulloch stage line, which passed through Selma on its mail route. Harrison’s house, which is still standing beside Cibolo Creek and is included on the National Register of Historic Places, was established there.

The majority of the subsequent wave of immigrants to the region were German and Polish.

Although Selma is a thriving San Antonio suburb, its German and European roots may still be seen in the town’s name and in the descendants of European immigrants who now reside there. Selma is said to be one of the several communities along Cibolo Creek that German pioneers established. Selma is known for its Retama Park horse racing track. It’s interesting to see this location. All year long, you may enjoy the excitement of live horse racing. For horse races close to Selma, Retama Park offers a racetrack with among the greatest full-field schedules in the country. From Wednesday through Sunday, they provide simulcast horse racing from all around the country.

One of the nicest locations to reside in Texas is Selma. Residents in Selma enjoy a modest suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses. There are many parks in Selma. In Selma, there are many young families and professionals, and the locals lean liberal. Selma is a very tranquil and secure area. Whether it’s a grocery shop or a doctor’s office, everything you could possibly need is only a short drive away. Due to the region’s growth and development, there are several job options that are expanding daily. You can depend on it to be a safe and enjoyable city. Selma has a number of public parks as well as a few movie theaters, diners, and many more interesting places, so there is never a shortage of things to do there. It’s a pleasure to live in Selma. The locals are warm and welcoming.

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