Atascosa County, Texas, is home to the city of Poteet. Francis Marion Poteet, the city’s first postmaster, inspired the name of the city. George Strait, a legend in country music, was born there. It is an undiscovered gem of Atascosa County. Although the town itself is fairly tiny, Poteet is only 15 minutes from Lytle and Pleasanton, which both include shopping, dining, and other amenities. As a result, residents of Poteet may enjoy a calm life without having to deal with traffic or congestion while finishing their tasks rather swiftly. It takes only 30 minutes to go to San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to a gin, a gristmill, and a wagonmaker, the town had the majority of its essential industries by the time the post office opened in 1886. Midway through the 1890s, Henry T. Mumme moved there, founded a store, and took Poteet’s place as postmaster. Even though there was a drought in the area at the time, Mumme found artesian wells there in 1902. The Mumme gave land to the railroad, three miles southwest of the original location, and erected a new store next to it when the Artesian Belt Railroad was constructing through the region.

Mumme planted strawberries using the wells as irrigation, and the rest is history. The inaugural strawberry festival was conducted over three days in 1948, and it currently takes place every year.” Poteet Strawberry Festival” is a popular event in Poteet. The town of Poteet Canyon is named after it, and a mosaic representing the town can be found in front of the fire station. Poteet Canyon is Steve Canyon’s ward in Milton Caniff’s long-running comic strip.

Mid-April sees the annual Strawberry Festival in Poteet. Poteet’s concentration of large fruit monuments makes it a good stop any time of year, even if neighboring towns have strawberry festivals. A 7-foot-tall, 1,600-pound concrete imitation of a gigantic strawberry may be found in the town in front of the fire department. The Central Power and Light Company dedicated the statue to the city with the inscription “Poteet Strawberry Capital Of Texas” on the base.

The town is lovely and serene. Since Poteet has a small population, everyone is familiar with one another. The culture is fantastic and rich in history. Everyone here is really amiable. Sand mining, hunting, and nice ranch and agriculture property are all plentiful. It’s a lovely place to live.

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