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Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation In Trafalgar Square, TX

Save on energy

Our solar panel systems are designed to offset or eliminate the energy purchased from the local grid, avoiding high energy rates. You can power your home in the day and save excess energy in a battery system to be utilized at night, while lowering your transmission and distribution fees. This way you can rely less on your electric utility, and reduce your monthly electric bill.

Predictable payments

Some Texas utility providers increase energy rates when demand surges with changes in the weather. When you most need energy, the rates are highest! A solar power installation allows you to plan ahead, giving you the opportunity to better budget for monthly energy costs. Monthly solar costs remain the same for your system, enabling a low and consistent energy bill.

Invest in your home

Solar panels are viewed as upgrades, like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement. Installing a solar power system in your Texas home adds property value, making it more appealing to potential buyers. The long term warranty on your solar system and the energy savings will increase your home’s evaluation. Invest in your home with a solar system!

Be prepared for outages

Unforeseen snow storms, heat waves, and severe drought put electricity generation and supply at risk, sometimes causing blackouts. Be prepared for the unexpected. A solar system with batteries will heat and/or cool your home during severe weather events. Solar panel batteries can keep your home running when the grid is down.

Preserve Texas’ outdoors

Texas' natural beauty is something we want to enjoy for a long time, and solar systems are our way to do so. Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy that help reduce air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter) and dependence on fossil fuels.

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Meet the Burris Family

Now that I’ve gone solar, I feel empowered. I can now generate electricity on my own without somebody else and save that electricity in my batteries.

Christian and Deborah Burris were empowered to create and use their own electricity while also storing electricity via battery. In 2017, they purchased their forever home. After experiencing blackouts, they decided to install a solar system on their home and have never looked back!

Solar Panel Installation Services in Trafalgar Square, TX

Solar Panel System Design

After determining client needs and site characteristics, our solar designers complete all necessary calculations to size the solar energy system, select its components, incorporate appropriate storage, and establish all of the project’s electrical and mechanical specifications. The designer may then provide complete permit & construction-ready plan sets; work with code officials, distributors, and sub-contractors; communicate with building departments and other authorities to facilitate permit approvals; and participate in quality assurance, project evaluation, and performance assessment.

Solar Panel System Financing

It’s now easier and more cost-effective than ever before to embrace solar energy! With a range of industry-leading finance partners at our disposal, Texas Solar Power Systems is ready to ensure you have a solar panel system set up to your home’s specifications, with a financing plan that works for you.

Tesla Powerwall Batteries

Be assured that you’ll always have power with a Tesla Powerwall battery system. This supplies solar energy in case of a power outage, giving you independence and savings. We can also install a solar panel system that is not connected to your utility, generating and storing energy without help from external resources.

Solar Panel Installation

Our solar panel installation process was developed with you in mind. We design a customized system to meet your needs taking into account usage, home structure, utility company rules, state and federal incentive programs and geography. We can direct mount or provide a ground framework.

Solar Incentives in Trafalgar Square, Texas

Texas Solar Power System ensures you gain energy independence and security while getting the most out of the excellent solar incentives, tax credits, and solar rebate programs offered by the state of Texas, a number of cities, and local utilities.

Up to 30% of your cost is refunded in federal tax credit. Utility bill credits are available in some areas for the excess solar power a home solar panel installation creates. There is a property tax exemption on the added home value from the installed solar panels. Some local utility companies offer rebates to reduce solar’s up-front cost or after the system’s installation.

25 Year Production Guarantee

Our Installation Partner (Freedom Forever) guarantees that your solar system will produce the electricity we promise it will with their 25-Year Production Guarantee. They monitor your system, if it ever breaks or falls short on power generation, they fix it and reimburse you for any lost savings.

With the Freedom Forever 25-year production guarantee, you get 25 years of worry-free power from the sun, it’s that simple.

This unique solar production guarantee is on TOP of your system’s standard warranty!

When we say “freedom from high utility bills”, we mean it!

Guaranteed Power

Returned Lost Savings

Guaranteed Production

Solar Panel Performance in All Kinds of Weather
Sunlight can reach the surface of solar panels in all kinds of weather, meaning that solar panels are always able to convert photon particles into electricity.
They work even when there is no direct sunlight!

Sunny During sunny days with bright skies, solar panels generate electricity at full capacity. The longer the sun is out, the more light the solar panels can capture, and the more energy is produced. Excess energy is sent to the grid or stored in batteries for backup situations. As a homeowner, you can take advantage of that extra solar energy through net metering or other incentive programs.

Rainy Solar panels are designed to work in rainy conditions, absorbing photons of sunlight even as they're scattered throughout the atmosphere. While rain reduces energy production, the panels continue work with reflected or partially blocked rays to generate electricity. In fact, rain benefits solar panels by washing away the dust and dirt that accumulates, restoring efficiency after the rain has passed.

Cloudy While cloud cover does impact the amount of electricity generated from solar energy, particularly as the cloud cover becomes more dense, the idea that solar panels are ineffective on cloudy days is actually mistaken. Photons of sunlight do penetrate cloudy skies and keep your system running, while the cooler weather helps the solar system run more efficiently without a surplus of unnecessary heat.

Snowy Even during the depths of winter, solar panels continue to work hard to produce electricity for your home! Cold temperatures allow the solar system to work more efficiently, while light snow helps to reflect scattered photons back to your panels for energy conversion. While production may be reduced in heavier snowfall, the solar panels will continue to supply power as your battery system remains a potential backup.

Windy Worried about your solar system being taken down by a windy day? Don't fret; solar panels are robust and reliable, built to flex and withstand up to 140 mph wind gusts. We also assess the condition of your roof and recommend repairs needed to support your power system. If winds disrupt the electrical grid, your home can operate on the energy stored in batteries installed with the system.

Understanding the Advantages of Solar Energy Panels with Texas Solar Power Systems

When you’re taking into consideration converting your house in Trafalgar Square to solar power you may be at a loss for just how much details is out there. It is important to focus on how putting in solar energy panels on your home with the experts at Texas Solar Power Systems can offer advantages you are able to count on.

Contact us to find out even more regarding what we’re able to do to contribute more value in your house as well as saving you dollars.

Solar Power Saves Real Money on Energy Costs

Installing a solar electric system is definitely an excellent purchase due to the fact that it reduces your energy costs considerably. You will save real money in your electrical energy bill each month. This can be one of the principle motives consumers pick to transform their residences in Texas to solar power.

Just how much it will save you will depend on several elements which include whether or not you buy or perhaps lease your solar power system, how substantial the system is, the cost of electrical energy in the area where you live, and the amount of electrical energy you make use of. You might benefit from the instant relief of decreased monthly electricity bills along with the advantages of a low risk, long term investment.

By choosing to deploy solar electric on your home, you can save hundreds, even many thousands, of dollars each and every year on your electric power bills. Wouldn’t that be great?

Solar Allows You to Benefit from Predictable Payments

Solar panels may also help make sure your month-to-month bills are significantly more predictable.

You might be entitled to net metering. Net metering is when your own power service provider gives you credit for the electrical energy your solar energy panels make. These power credits could possibly offset any electricity you use from your regional power grid. This tends to help stabilize your power charges, rendering them much more predictable.

Solar panels also allow you to counteract stop rising and falling costs associated with other, more standard sources of power such as oils and natural gas.

As a final point, having a whole house solar battery put in with your solar power panels may also aid in stabilizing your expenses and offer you freedom from the power provider. An electric battery can hold solar power which you are able to make use of at night or any other times you want to avoid premium rates while in peak hours.

This capability can offer much-needed relief to people that live in regions with erratic electricity costs.

Increase the Value of Your House with the Addition of Solar Power

Solar panels are thought of as improvements to your home. Renovations like a kitchen renovation or even a finished attic enhance your home’s appraised value. But solar energy contributes so much more.

You can count on a solar electric system to complete add value as well as deliver cost reductions every month!

Studies have demostrated that house buyers are prepared to spend more for houses that utilize solar power. Some would suggest that residences with solar power panels sell much faster than many others. Buyers delight in having the ability to save money on energy and enjoy a house that may be beneficial for the planet. The end result? Purchasers could be prepared to spend a premium price for the house.

Solar Power Helps Safeguard the Atmosphere

Solar energy is definitely a eco friendly and fast growing source of electrical power that has a lot of benefits for the environment. As an example, solar power will not produce pollution or even greenhouse gases. Additionally, working with solar electric can help to conserve water supply sources and also lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. Finally, solar electric might be utilized in order to counterbalance the environmental effects associated with other kinds of power creation, for example nuclear power.

Would you prefer to do something fantastic for the environment in addition to saving oneself a lot of real money? Solar power is really an superb technique to do both.

Guaranteed Power Generation

Some home owners are unwilling to head to solar mainly because they fear if solar electric is actually dependable. What happens if it is cloudy? What exactly happens if it’s darker? Don’t solar panels rely on sunshine in order to make electrical power?

The great news is the fact that while solar exclusively works with the sun’s rays, our professionals at Texas Solar Power Systems can easily analyze exactly which solar power systems can best deliver the results with the local climate, location, together with the placement of your home. We can decide the right spot for your panels and if a back up solar battery is to be sure you obtain the energy you will need.

Additional very good news is that the solar energy solutions we employ are exceptionally well built and productive. They could create ample electrical energy to power your house or business.

Solar Power Can Provide Relief From Power Black Outs

Everyone who lives in Texas is aware that some sort of power blackout is always a possibility. No matter if it’s caused by a storm or even utility company work, the difficulty is commonly the same.

A solar energy system provides wonderful back-up when the power grid goes out for any reason. Numerous solar electric systems feature some sort of built-in solar battery which may supply several hours of electricity in the occasion of a blackout.

Why Opt for Texas Solar Power Systems For Your Own Solar Setup?

Deciding upon the perfect organization is important for your full satisfaction with solar power. You wish to work with a dependable, experienced provider with knowledge designing and installing solar power systems. Texas Solar Power Systems offers numerous very good reasons to choose us if you are thinking of giving solar energy a try.

Perks to Change to Solar Energy

You might be aware of “solar incentives”. Incentives are further factors to opt for solar energy. Solar incentives can supply added advantages to those who opt to install solar panels.

Receive Additional Dollars By Using Solar Renewable Energy Credits

Solar renewable power credits, or SRECs, are a way for residence solar system owners to make money using their solar panels. Some states offer a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), that demands that providers which offer electricity to work with renewable sources, like house solar.

To fulfill the RPS, electric utilities may acquire solar credits through residential solar power systems.

Home solar power system owners can offer their renewable energy certificates (SRECs) by using an aggregator. An aggregator packages up SRECs and also resells the SRECs to the electric power utility.

Counter Costs From Net Metering

A number of states offer net metering. Net metering is when the solar system creates extra electricity than you’ll need, the excess power is instantly sent to the electric utility. The provider needs to then buy that energy from you.

You can|You are able to|You’ll be able to|It is possible to|You may|You could|You can actually|You possibly can} use that sum to reduce your overall electric bill. It is possible to use these power credits when your electricity utilization is more than your solar production. This might occur on heavily overcast days or through the night.

Federal Tax Credits Usable For Solar Power

The federal solar energy tax credit will be taken in your federal income tax return. The credit is equal to a portion of the dollars you invested in your solar power system. The solar system must be set up in the year you’ll get the tax credit.

For systems hooked up 2020-2022 the proportion you’ll be able to claim is 26%. For systems installed in 2023, the proportion will decrease to 22%. Unless the government expands the tax credit, it is going to end in 2024. Don’t wait to install your solar electric system – you could miss out on this valuable benefit.

City and State Concessions and Tax Credit Programs

Along with federal solar purchase tax credits, quite a few states as well as cities also present cash refunds or state tax credits for solar power systems. Does [stateNAME] present state tax credits or money back for buying solar energy?

Rebates can lessen the price of your solar system even extra.

  • No Cash Down & you can get financing for the entire price of the system
  • Credit as low as 1.49% (on okayed credit)
Receive No Cost Services When You Go Solar!

Freebies are always a bonus. While you sign up for a solar energy system with [COMPANY] . You can get:

  • A totally free home energy assessment
  • A free solar panel system design
  • A complimentary price quote

But, that is definitely not all you will get at absolutely no cost.

All customers who sign up for a solar energy system will get a Totally free Vivint smart home home security system. This consists of a doorbell digital camera, a smart thermostat, control panel, free monitoring, motion detection and much more!


What Might You Count on From Texas Solar Power Systems?

If you are contemplating solar energy in Trafalgar Square, exactly what can you be expecting once you work with Texas Solar Power Systems? We offer a variety of services and high-quality equipment. Our team’s workmanship coupled with our warranties are first rate in the industry. If you need specialist services, excellent customer support, along with top quality craftsmanship, Texas Solar Power Systems will be the way to go when going with clean energy.

Our Expert Environmentally Friendly Services

We offer a range of expert services for our buyers in Trafalgar Square, TX. Our professionals are with you each step of the way, making certain you receive the solar power system that works best for your property and your family.

Solar Energy System Design

To design a solar energy system for your house, we need to assess a variety of things. As an example, we will need to perform a house energy audit. This examination or assessment can help determine exactly how your house makes use of electrical power. Where might you already be losing power? Could you use things far more efficiently or find much more efficient home appliances? Exactly what do you use to heat and cool your home?

All of these things can impact the amount of solar power you need and, therefore, the type of solar energy system.

We will also have to look at how much solar energy your house could create given its position and orientation. This determination is done by examining variables like the weather, angle of the sunshine, your trees and those of surrounding houses.

We may well additionally review of your history of electric power bills to figure out when you utilize the most and the least. This may affect the ultimate configuration and functions of your solar power system.

Solar Electric System Finance

Leasing your own energy system is an alternative. This means you are able to make use of the electricity it creates but another person owns your equipment. This kind of arrangement can result in a reduction in power costs and payments.

You may want to purchase your solar power system. This is a beneficial method to improve your own homes’ price and increase your investment. It may also make you qualified to receive certain tax credits and refunds.

In the event you prefer to buy your solar electric system, financing is available. Our company can make solar energy system financing accessible to you!

Solar Energy System Installation

As soon as we are given all the required permits your solar power panels can be installed. Our skilled installers will ensure the panels are set up in the proper position, have an ample supply of sunlight, and the solar electric system is effective at changing sunlight to electrical power.

Our Business Only Uses High-Quality Products

Regardless of whether it’s our solar energy panels or batteries, you can be sure that whenever you sign up for solar electric with Texas Solar Power Systems, you are getting high-quality systems.

Solar Panels

High quality solar power panels are generally warranted to work for 25 years or even more. Some first generation solar energy panels still create 3/4; of their solar energy output after 40 years! The longer the solar power panels last, the better the return.

Our Texas Solar Power Systems installs top quality solar panels. In addition to the warranty which comes with the solar power panels, we give you a 25-Year Production Warranty.

Power Storage Products – Batteries

Whenever you set up a solar energy system you may want a battery pack to store energy to use when the power grid shuts off. We install the very very best energy storage batteries such as:

Tesla Powerwall Batteries are compact residence batteries that store solar power. You can have several of these in your home. They recharge automatically and can keep things running for days in the event of a blackout.

LG Chem Batteries are alternate options to Tesla Powerwall Batteries but yet accomplish the exact same thing.

All these batteries can offer you welcome electric power storage to help keep your home functioning if the power company is out. Ask which is correct for your own solar energy system.

Solar Energy’s Most Beneficial Warranties and Customer Services

With Texas Solar Power Systems you can experience some of the best customer satisfaction within this sector. We take our work very seriously and want our clients to get respectful, considerate, effective services from start to finish.

This is why along with warranty protection, we give our 25-year Production Guarantee. You won’t get this with many other businesses.

Skilled Certified Solar Contractors and Outstanding Workmanship

We only use experienced, certified solar installers in Trafalgar Square who are committed to exceptional craftsmanship. Your solar power installation is going to be completed by high-quality individuals making use of high-quality supplies.

Texas Solar Power Systems Partners

We partner with some of the ideal names inside the solar energy industry. Our partners include:

 Solar Energy System Financing

Leasing your power system is definitely an option. This means you can make use of the power it generates but somebody else owns your equipment. This kind of agreement can result in a reduction in power bills and payments.

You might wish to buy your solar energy system. This is a great way to increase your own houses’ price and improve your investment. It may also make you eligible for particular tax credits and rebates.

In case you would like to purchase your own solar energy system, financing can be obtained. Our organization makes solar power system financing accessible to you!

Solar Power System Installation

When we receive each of the mandatory permits your solar panels can be hooked up. Our expert installers will make sure the panels are placed in the correct position, have an adequate source of sunlight, and your system is efficient at converting sunlight to electricity.

Our Company Only Uses High Quality Products

Regardless of whether it is our solar power panels or battery packs, you can be sure that when you sign up for solar energy with Texas Solar Power Systems, you’re receiving quality products.

Solar Panels

Top quality solar panels are generally guaranteed to last twenty-five years or more. Quite a few first gen solar power panels still produce 3/4; of their solar power output after 40 years! The longer the solar energy panels work, the better the investment.

Our Texas Solar Power Systems installs high quality panels. On top of the warranty which comes with the solar panels, we provide you with a 25-Year Production Warranty.

 Energy Storage Products – Batteries

Whenever you install a solar energy system you are going to want a battery pack to store electricity to use in the event the grid goes out. We install the very most effective power storage electric batteries such as:

Tesla Powerwall Batteries are compact home batteries that store solar power. You may have several of these in your home. They recharge on auto-pilot and can help keep things working for several days in the event of an outage.

LG Chem Batteries are alternatives to Tesla Powerwall Batteries but yet accomplish the same thing.

Each of these batteries can provide welcome electric power storage to keep your home working in the event the power grid shuts off. Ask us about which can be right for your own solar energy system.

Solar Power’s Best Warranties and Customer Services

With Texas Solar Power Systems you are able to get some of the finest customer satisfaction within this market. We take our operation seriously and want our clients to experience polite, considerate, effective services from beginning to end.

This really is why together with warranty safeguards, we offer our 25-year Production Guarantee. You won’t get this with other providers.

Professional Certified Solar Installers and Exceptional Workmanship

We only use competent, certified solar installers in Trafalgar Square that are committed to excellent workmanship. Your solar energy installation is going to be performed by high-quality people utilizing high-quality materials.

Texas Solar Power Systems Partners

We partner with a few of the greatest names within the solar power industry. Our own partners include companies like:

  • Tesla Powerwall certified installers
  • LG Chem certified installer
  • Freedom Forever Independent Authorized dealer
  • TriSMART Solar Authorized Dealer
  • Fastrac Power Services Authorized Dealer
  • Vivint Authorized Dealer

What Some of Our Consumers Have Said About Us

Our testimonials speak on their own. We’ve thousands of buyers which have been satisfied with their solar power systems and their knowledge with Texas Solar Power Systems.

  • “The process was seamless”
  • “I was informed just about every step of your way”
  • “I feel empowered”
  • “Friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and professional”

The Reason Why Solar Important In Trafalgar Square

For those who live in Trafalgar Square you are aware how unpredictable your electricity bills can be. Solar technology can offer you with predictable expenses as well as savings.

By putting in solar in Trafalgar Square you’ll be able to benefit from any kind of state and federal tax benefits and rebates. Your solar system may also raise the value of your own property.

Not surprisingly, adding a solar power system in Trafalgar Square additionally enables yourself and your family to do something favorable for our environment. Producing clean, replenishable power can lower your carbon footprint and become a vital tool in the fight against global warming.

A Few Faqs About Solar Power in Texas

Question: How Do I Power My House At Night When There Is Absolutely No Sun?

Answer: Technically, your solar panels are only able to create electricity if you have sunlight. But, there are ways for your solar panels to work for you to keep your home running at evening. You may use a solar power storage battery that “keeps” electrical energy for you. You may additionally take advantage of net metering which will keep you attached to the power grid. When your system produces excess power, it gets stored there. When you want it, like at night, you’ll be able to use your “stored” energy.

Question:How Exactly Does Solar Electric Really Work?

Answer: Solar energy comes from sunshine. Solar cells in photovoltaic (PV) panels (solar energy panels) catch, absorb, and consume the sun’s power. The energy generates electrical current which move in reaction to an electrical field inside of the cell. The outcome? The flow of electricity

Question: Will My Roofing Support a Solar Power System?

Answer: The majority of homes with a common (non-clay, non-slate) roof structure, can hold the load of solar panels. </p>

When you are reviewing your house for the purpose of solar, checking the incline, sizing, condition, structural steadiness, not to mention the age of a roof top ought to be a factor of this evaluation.

Question: Am I Going To Really Have To Thoroughly Clean The Solar Power Panels?

Answer: Rainfall normally gives an ample amount of a “cleanup” to keep your solar power panels in great shape. Nonetheless, cleaning could on occasion be really important to make sure the solar panels function optimally. If you want to get it done on your own, a good soaking with water from your water hose from the ground level could get the job done. You could opt to have your solar energy panels maintained and cleaned by professionals if you prefer.

Question: How Is Solar Electric Measured?

Solar panel systems are scored by wattage. Each and every solar power panel is generally around 250 to 300 w. There are higher efficiency solar panels which possess a higher power rating of 300-350 watts which might be employed in more compact spaces or in circumstances where you prefer increased total wattage.. 1,000 w equals 1 kw. A typical sized solar energy configuration is 5,000-10,000 w and these may go much larger.

The amount of electricity created by the solar panels is calculated in watt hours or kilowatt hours.. Each kilowatt of solar energy you set up can create a predictable amount of kwh of electricity.

Question: How Much Time Could It Require To Put In My Solar Electric System?

Answer: Most of the actual hours associated with a solar energy project will be the planning phase. Performing an examination of your power needs, planning your components, and figuring out the requirements can take time. Just how much time also can depend upon other items such as inspection or permit laws of Trafalgar Square or TX. The installation of your panels themselves may possibly take a few days.

Question: Can Solar Energy Panels Improve My House’s Worth? 

Answer: Solar power panels can potentially enhance your house’s value by up to 4% when compared with similar houses with no solar energy panels (reported by Zillow). This can mean even more than $9,000 on a typical price house.

Research also demonstrates that homes with solar panels are more attractive to house purchasers. They’re able to increase worth and minimize monthly expenses. In addition they allow house owners to do a thing than has environmental rewards as well.

Question: Call [COMPANY] Today To Find Out More With Regards To Adding Solar Electric In Trafalgar Square, TX

For those who choose to see whether solar power is correct for your home in Trafalgar Square, call us today to find out much more.

Remember, Texas Solar Power Systems provides superb support services, solar energy design abilities, and expert craftsmanship. Our Twenty-five Year Production Guarantee makes us the best option to manage all your solar energy requirements.

Contact us now to find out how we are able to:

  • Analyze your solar needs
  • Layout an effective and cost-effective solar energy system
  • Set up solar power panels

And, obviously, by going solar, you will save money and cut down your impact on the environment Call Texas Solar Power Systems to start.

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