Leming is a small town, located near San Antonio city, with a population of around 250 people, one school, a post office, a petrol station, three cemeteries, and numerous churches. Even though the pace of life is slower than in most cities, many continue to live there because they love the peace and quiet of an old-fashioned neighborhood where everyone knows each other’s names. 

A significant year for the town was 1913. The First Baptist Church was established, and a school was opened. When there were 150 residents the next year, the locals constructed a brick school. During the 1930s, the population started to drop and eventually stabilized at approximately 100 people. In the last years of that decade, it rose to 250 and stayed there for the following 50 years. In subsequent years, a few more persons have been added, bringing the total to 268. The little Texas community of Leming is located approximately eight minutes outside of Pleasanton and seven and a half miles to the north.

Points of interest in Leming are the six different cemeteries that are located here, two of which are in the city itself and the other four are outside it. Shiloh Cemetery is the oldest. The village along FM 1470 west of Leming is now only the cemetery. The cemetery has been around since the 1850s. John A. Uzzell, who passed away on May 14, 1857, was fourteen years old when his burial was the first one to be marked. At the time, the farm belonged to Uzzell’s relative Isaac H. Cavender Sr. Cavender permitted further interments on his land, and the graveyard quickly earned the name Shiloh Cemetery. The cemetery was connected for a long time to a nearby schoolhouse that was used for Baptist church services. The 1868-built log house was used as a schoolroom until 1898 and then as a Baptist church until the congregation constructed its own sanctuary in 1878. The village was also served by a general shop managed by Robert M. Long until the end of the nineteenth century. St. Luke’s Cemetery was established following the death of Dr. Joseph I. Hayden in January 1869. The tenth child of Dr. Hayden, Basil Hayden, owns the land where it is situated.

It boasts a beautiful natural landscape. Expect to see either big ranches or little dwellings. You may occasionally observe calm farm animals as you go along some routes. The majority have been residing in this area for many years and want to do so for many more.

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