Houston Heights, or simply The Heights, is a tranquil neighborhood famous for the Victorian houses and unique shops along tree-lined Heights Boulevard. In addition to the famous Heights Theater and the monthly First Saturday Arts Market, West 19th Street is a mecca for vintage shoppers with its many antique and record stores. A lush path connects the Heights with downtown Houston, TX along the trail used by hikers and cyclists.

The Heights, one of Houston’s oldest areas, has become a popular spot for tourists interested in both history and fine dining. The Heights is smack dab in the heart of everything, but it still manages to retain its small-town charm and a strong feeling of community.

It was named for its elevated position relative to the surrounding landscape, and The Heights can be found approximately four miles northwest of Houston’s central business district. As a close-in, walkable neighborhood near downtown, The Galleria, and the Medical Center, The Heights continues to be a top pick for many Houstonians.

The Heights is not like other areas where you constantly feel like you have to “be on,” so to speak. No matter how hectic life gets, a stroll through one of The Heights’ many parks or down its tree-lined streets can swiftly ground you in reality.

We live in a world where communities are becoming increasingly rare, but you may find them in abundance in The Heights. Anyone living in the Heights can usually be found tending to their front lawn, relaxing on their porch, or taking their dog for a stroll. The warm atmosphere of the neighborhood encourages residents to strike up conversations with their next-door neighbors.

Real estate in The Heights is highly sought after because of its prime location in the heart of the city. The homes in this area are now among the most desirable in all of Houston. Each block features a unique collection of architectural styles, from restored Victorian and Craftsman mansions to quaint brick bungalows and brand-new farmhouse replicas.

Heights was Houston’s first master-planned suburb, created by Oscar Martin Carter in 1891. Present-day residents of the area can choose from a wide variety of dwellings, including newly built single-family homes, townhouses, and Victorian-style row houses. The unique atmosphere and allure of The Heights are protected by deed limitations.

Houston Heights was founded as an alternative to the congested downtown area at the turn of the century. The elevated land on which this suburb was established, with White Oak Bayou to the west, inspired its eponymous moniker. This area contains the highest concentration of preserved historic subdivisions in all of Houston. Many young professionals who seek access to Houston’s urban attractions together with a more suburban sense of privacy call the Heights home.

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