One of the most rapidly expanding cities in the United States is downtown Houston. In spite of Houston’s well-deserved reputation for grandeur and skyscrapers, the city is undergoing rapid changes to accommodate the enormous influx of new residents. It’s easy to find a downtown Houston neighborhood that meets your current and future needs, whether you’re a single professional or a family with young children. The Historical District is one such place.

The Historical District is one of the city’s trendiest and most picturesque neighborhoods because of the way it successfully combines old and new. The Historical District is quickly becoming a mecca for downtown’s young professionals, thanks to its abundance of hip lofts and apartments. The Historical District is one of the best areas in Houston, Texas for students due to its proximity to the University of Houston Downtown, its abundance of 19th-century architecture, and its swarm of sidewalk pubs and cafés.

The Historic District is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists, and it’s easy to see why. Located on the northern outskirts of the central business district, this area is known for its charming and historic architecture. Despite the proximity of the Historic District to the city’s tallest buildings, the area has the atmosphere of a residential neighborhood.

Market Square Park is located in the center. Dog owners, as well as movie buffs and music lovers, can enjoy the park’s movie nights, live music, and traditional Greek and American café. Just across the street, you’ll find an eclectic mix of historic bars that have been quenching our thirst for decades and trendy new bistros, coffee shops, and small nightclubs. Finally, the neighborhood is rounded out by Allen’s Landing at Buffalo Bayou, also known as Houston’s “Plymouth Rock,” and the site of the recently renovated Sunset Coffee Building.

While the goal of historic preservation is not to freeze a community in time, it is essential that any new construction takes into account the neighborhood’s unique history and architecture. The majority of property owners must request designation for the area to become a City of Houston historic district; the city does not impose historic district designation. 

If your neighborhood gets designated, it will benefit in two ways: The greater the number of neighborhoods that apply for the designation, the clearer the message to City Hall will be that residents want to preserve the aesthetic quality of their neighborhoods. This will strengthen preservation for the benefit of all Houstonians and facilitate more neighborhood-friendly building codes. Preservation Houston strongly recommends that you sign on to the historic district petition in your community.

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