The United States of America’s Jones County contains the city of Hawley. 634 people were counted in the population in 2010. It is a part of Abilene metropolitan region and is named after Congressman Robert B. Hawley. 

John R. Price purchased this land in 1890 with the goal of establishing a town. Although mail traveled through a little settlement a mile north of modern-day Hawley, other like-minded ranchers helped build a school soon after. If the Wichita Valley railroad had not come through in 1906, the hoped-for hamlet may have been readily absorbed by Zeno, Texas, the post office’s assigned location. The settlement, which has not yet been given a name, had longevity thanks to the train link. As a tribute to his position as a railroad executive, the town was given the name C.W. Hawley. Zeno suffered a fatal blow as a result, and once the train arrived in 1907, the Zeno post office and store relocated to Hawley, creating yet another ghost town. In 1930, a highway was constructed through the neighborhood, and an oil boom allowed the town to avoid the worst effects of the Great Depression. However, following WWII and the early 1950s droughts, Hawley’s population stabilized at about 250. With an estimated 900 inhabitants, it reached its peak in the late 1980s. The population of the town was 646 according to the 2000 census.

The town is a beautiful small one. It includes many adorable features, like a farmers market, a doughnut store, a few cafes, and other minor things which make life in the city easy. It is a peaceful farming community populated by lovely, generous, and industrious folks. Sometimes people travel to surrounding cities to meet their requirements which are not too far from the town. The neighbors all get along well and watch out for one another. With these friendly people, the celebration of festivals becomes even more exciting.

Its infrastructure is also very nice. The pavement on the streets is good. It is a little town with welcoming residents. The village has a number of cafés and pizzerias. It is a town with about 600 residents. It now boasts a Dollar General, saving the locals from having to travel into the city to purchase basics. Gas stations and two handy shops are present. There are two auto repair businesses as well. It feels like a little town, and it appears as if everyone participates in the parades.

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