The United States of America’s Taylor County has the incorporated community of Buffalo Gap. It is a component of the Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area that includes Abilene, Texas. It served as Taylor County’s county seat until 1883, when the considerably bigger Abilene to its north took its place. The expansive Buffalo Gap Historical Village is located in Buffalo Gap and is open to the public all year. Buffalo moved through what is now known as Buffalo Gap, Texas, in the 1870s as they crossed the Callahan Divide from Montana into Texas.

Colt McCoy, a quarterback for the University of Texas, is from Buffalo Gap. McCoy lived on a 10-acre property near Buffalo Gap when he was a quarterback at Jim Ned High School. Brad McCoy, his father, was his high school coach. During several Super Bowls in the 1990s, the name of Buffalo Gap was “officially” changed, and signs were changed, to promote the local Dallas Cowboys. The similarly named city of Buffalo in the East Texas county of Leon did the same

The town gained notoriety in the 1960s and 1970s for its eateries and the fact that it was one of just two “wet” locations in Taylor County that permitted the sale of alcoholic drinks. The Bar B Q Barn and the Deutschland Freshwater Catfish Company are still in business. With a focus on the treatment of eating disorders, Buffalo Gap’s Shades of Hope Treatment Center has been highlighted on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Despite being a tiny community, Buffalo Gap offers a variety of activities. The Perini Ranch Steakhouse terrace is a great place to eat lunch. It’s a popular destination restaurant in Texas, and it just gets better with time. Also, a chic small restaurant called Abi-Haus is located at the crossroads of Second and Pine Streets and offers a delicious smoked salmon BLT sandwich for lunch, steak fries and specialties like succulent pig shank for dinner, and duck hash with chipotle hollandaise for breakfast. Public Haus, a small speakeasy bar on the restaurant’s rear, focuses on traditional beverages and regional music. Additionally, the restaurant owners’ Betty & June store, located just next to Abi-Haus, carries apparel from Los Angeles designers as well as jewelry, accessories, denim, and gifts. You will always discover fresh reasons to stay at the Grace Museum’s art exhibitions and the gallery Jody Klotz Fine Art, both of which are conveniently close by.

It is a quiet, little village that is ideal for starting a family or retiring. They have a number of festivals. The marketplaces are also excellent.

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