The city of Baird serves as the county seat of Callahan County in Texas, USA. The Texas and Pacific Railway’s owner and director, Matthew Baird, is honored by having his name as the city’s patron. The former railroad terminal is now a tourist center and a museum of transportation. The Texas city of Abilene includes Baird in its metropolitan statistical area. The “Antique Capital of West Texas” designation was given to Baird by the Texas Legislature in 1993. It features twelve antique stores. There are locomotive-related allusions all around the city, and the former station now serves as both a tourist center and a museum of transportation. Antique collectors make a point of visiting this small town.

Baird was founded when the Texas and Pacific Railway arrived in the area in 1880. The town had a terminal, a roundhouse, and maintenance shops, and it served as a railroad division point. In 1883, it took Belle Plain’s place as the county seat and absorbed the majority of its inhabitants. Baird became a legal entity in 1889. The weekly Baird Star was first published by W. E. Gilliland in 1887. There have been gins, an oil refinery, wheat mills, and a feed mill, among other businesses. Baird has the county hospital and is the place where ranching supplies and oilfield supplies for the area come together. It has sufficient facilities to make it an extremely nice city. With these businesses, there are ample job opportunities as well. 

Families may go to several events that take place all year and enjoy themselves. There are people and locally owned businesses are present. Also, there are great schools. The city’s professionals are incredibly kind, considerate, and involved. The journey to Abilene, TX takes roughly 25 minutes. If you want peace and quiet, this is the place you want to escape to. Even though the fire department is made up of volunteers, they respond very quickly and have a great team.

The little but lovely up-and-coming tourist hotspot of Baird is well worth a trip. You might be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations you might discover in this undiscovered location. There are other activities available for children as well. Your children will have a blast at The Grace Museum, the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature, Fort Concho, Lake Minerals Wells State Park, Dinosaur World, and many more locations.

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